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Karmic Bikes

Karmic Bikes
Country: USA

Karmic Bikes is an ebike startup, putting the fun back into bikes.

The Karmic Køben's electric drivetrain and battery is minimally sized, but it'll move your soul. Designed and engineered in the heart of Silicon Valley, we've created a bike that let's you fly, without breaking a sweat. With a powerful mid-engined configuration and patented battery technology, the Karmic Køben is the only ride

you'll need for life in the modern city.

The future of electric transportation is here.

We’ve spent the last few years engineering a new kind of bike. We’ve reimagined movement from the ground up to bring you something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Presenting the OSLO.

Movement Evolved.

Brand: Karmic Bikes
The movement has evolved.We've spent the last few years developing a new type of bike. We've reimagined movement from the ground up to give you something unlike anything you've ever seen. Introducing OSLO.A modern e-bike that reduces the size of your city and takes up less space. Step into the futur..
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