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Innovaqua Water Solutions SA de CV

Innovaqua Water Solutions SA de CV
Country: Spain

Innovaqua Water Solutions

We are a company concerned with declining water availability and quality. We combine existing and created technologies to create products of the highest quality and efficiency that provide the best results. We offer complete solutions for water supply from home to industry, agriculture and animal husbandry.

Innovaqua founder Mauricio Bonilla, who has been passionate about technology since the age of 12, is confident that it can help solve many of the world's problems. His vision is that NUBE will become a typical household appliance, just like we think of a refrigerator today ...

With NUBE generating your Water from the Air we want you to be free.

NUBE: Generator of water from the air, alkaline and ionized

His path was difficult, but he is sure that Henry Ford went through something similar when he took out his production car and was asked what was wrong with the horse?

Who rides a horse today? ...

It's the same with bottled water: assuming that in 10 years we will ask ourselves, who carries bottled water today?

Brand: Innovaqua
Innovaqua Nube SS30 captures up to 30 liters of water per day nnovaqua Nube - Air-to-water generator Gears / Water Tired of paying so much to deliver water in these heavy and difficult to load 5 gallon jugs? Then simply prepare water straight out of thin air with this cool new Innovaqua Nube SS3..
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