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HIZERO Technologies Co., Ltd

HIZERO Technologies Co., Ltd
Country: China

HIZERO Technologies Co., Ltd, founded in 2013, innovates and brings advanced floor cleaning solutions to the market. The flagship product is the revolutionary Hizero BionicFloor 4-in-1 Hard Floor Cleaner, using a unique bionic cleaning technology that combines sweeping, mopping, solids and liquid separation and self-cleaning. Hizero is headquartered in Shenzhen, China and has sales in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Every great idea starts with a problem. We did not understand why cleaning hard floors in the twenty-first century remains an ineffective grueling exercise, bucketing and mopping!

When Hizero was founded in 2013, our starting point was the belief that everyone loves clean floors, from stone or wood to cork and laminate, but most women and men hate the time and effort it takes to clean them.

It took us a little longer than expected to sweat all the details. But the first revolutionary floor cleaning solution that we introduced and then refined over and over again before launching in 2017 was worth all the effort because it helps people clean their floors better, faster and faster.

Hizero's state-of-the-art cordless vertical all-in-one hard floor cleaning solution uses a revolutionary bionic technology called Hizero UltimateClean ™, powerful battery and ergonomic design approaches that give consumers a versatile device that sweeps, mops, and more dries and self-cleans.

The word bionic means biologically inspired engineering applied to products with better performance than their competitors. We use it because Hizero's unique use of the Polymer Cleaning Roller for silent and hygienic debris removal was inspired by the way a dog uses his tongue to wipe away both liquid and particulate matter.

Hizero UltimateClean ™ also differs from traditional vacuum cleaners and mops in that it does not emit dust or allergens, but traps them in special compartments built into the slim body, making it the best choice for those with allergies or asthma.

It is therefore not surprising that Hizero has quickly won numerous awards for its radical technology, design and results, including the 2018 VDTA Innovative Cleaning Technology of the Year award in the US and the 2017 HOMEDEC Malaysia Prize for Innovative Products. He was also nominated for the IHA Award. Global Innovation Award 2019. Contrary to the looks, cleaning doesn't have to be a tedious, tedious and time-consuming process. However, to do this, you should forget about outdated and often ineffective methods of cleaning surfaces. Many people stay awake while mopping, but it can be really quick, enjoyable and, above all, effective. Traditional accessories must be replaced with innovative equipment based on current trends and taking into account the needs and expectations of even the most demanding people.

The modern Hizero mop is a multifunctional cleaning tool that can sweep, mop the floor, wipe it dry and then clean itself. We understand very well how difficult it is to thoroughly clean your floor so that it shines and gives an impression of cleanliness. That is why we have developed innovative floor cleaning equipment that will not only improve the productivity of daily work in private homes and commercial premises, but also give much better results. The cleaning of the floors, which will be performed by a modern mop, will be quick and efficient, every time with a pleasant surprise.

The floor cleaner instantly cleans the surfaces to be cleaned, removes all impurities, and also perfectly absorbs dirt. Hizero is a product equipped with special protection against short circuit or overheating. Intelligent water level control, simplicity and ease of use, as well as attractive design are just some of the advantages of equipment that allows modern floor cleaning. We encourage people interested in our offer to get acquainted with the possibilities of the Hizero mop.

Cordless vacuum cleaner Hizero BionicFloor - Bionic cleaning technology was inspired by the way a dog collects food (liquid or solid) with its tongue. The idea of ​​"self-cleaning" is also defined by how the dog's saliva removes germs. Introducing our revolutionary hard floor cleaning Hizero takes r..
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