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Croo robotic strawberry harvester

Croo robotic strawberry harvester
Croo robotic strawberry harvester
Croo robotic strawberry harvester autonomous and safe
Our LIDAR system, installed on the combine, provides a 360 ° 3D view of the fields. This allows you to more accurately navigate the rows of strawberries.
This allows our fully autonomous harvester to avoid collisions with growing rows, people and other obstacles.

Commercial speed Croo
Each harvester has 16 independently working robots ready to harvest as the harvester autonomously moves across hectares of strawberries.

Vision & AI
Using our artificial intelligence and machine learning vision system, each berry on the plant is scanned to determine if it is ripe, healthy, and ready to harvest. The harvester then sets itself up to pick berries without damaging them.

The Harvest CROO software ecosystem was designed from the ground up to provide growers with data that can be used to make informed business decisions, and that will support farmers throughout their customer interactions.

Our suite of web and mobile applications provide monitoring and control of combine harvesters, as well as analysis of data from harvesters and the fields on which they collect.

Croo features include:
Live Harvester Monitoring
Real-time combine system and monitoring
Comparative analytics between farms and industries
Combine Planning and Control
Collecting information about individual enterprises for implementation and audit
Autonomous control (packaging / handling / scrap)
Direct control of the harvester
Testing and training software to keep things running smoothly

Croo Modular and Scalable
We made our entire ecosystem modular and scalable.
We already have 8 patents - in the USA and abroad (there will be more soon) we are protecting our unique technologies.

We believe we have the only truly commercially viable strawberry harvesting solution today.

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