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FT1 Pro Freedom Trax Wheelchair Drive

FT1 Pro Freedom Trax Wheelchair Drive
FT1 Pro Freedom Trax Wheelchair Drive
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Freedom Trax transforms a manual wheelchair into an all-terrain vehicle capable of tackling sand, snow, gravel and mud.

The FT Pro can be installed and removed without assistance and comes with a 24V Li-ion battery, two 24V motors, hand joystick and charger. It can be adjusted for wheel widths from 17 to 26 inches, so you can change it as often as you upgrade a wheelchair.

We do not live in an age where we accept difficulties or problems without exploring ways to solve them. In every sense and purpose, we strive to be a decision-based society. So how do you solve this problem for wheelchair users? Can't they navigate the coastline and enjoy the ocean view? Or will you have the chance to explore all the fantastic sights and excursions on your vacation?

Sure! It is for these reasons that Freedom Trax creates motorized solutions to the challenges of wheelchair use. With three distinctive and useful models, Freedom Trax allowed disabled people to roam freely across a variety of terrain and surfaces. Each model serves a different purpose and addresses a unique set of problems that individual users with disabilities may face. This is how each model stacks up.

FT Pro package

The FT Pro Pack is essentially an improved version of the FT1. It is equipped with a much more powerful battery. This allows the user to significantly expand the range of motion. Like the FT1, it can be installed and removed without assistance. It comes with a fully loaded 24V lithium-ion battery, two 24V motors, hand joystick and charger.

This device is also a great travel device as it is portable, lightweight and highly mobile. Fits in the trunk of any standard car, the FT Pro Pack makes it easy to travel to new places and landscapes without worrying about getting stuck or having to linger while your family and friends try something new.

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