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Freedom Trax

Freedom Trax
Country: USA

Freedom Trax - Offers a flotation solution for your wheelchair! Get your freedom - go anywhere! This product is ideal for those looking to get out and go to places that are usually inaccessible. Up to 7 miles of exploration on a single charge. Walk across beaches, loose gravel, and rugged terrain!

Freedom Trax is the only motorized wheelchair tracked vehicle designed to convert a manual wheelchair into an off-road vehicle that can navigate sand, snow, gravel and mud. Its unique design allows for a lightweight, versatile and durable car that will still fit in the trunk of a car.

Freedom Trax is an economical solution for portable and comfortable off-road driving.

This device is ideal for vacations because it is durable, easy to move and allows the user to sit in comfortable chairs.

Benefits Mobility

Access to any terrain. Allows handicapped people to maneuver easily in any terrain and weather conditions including snow, mud, gravel and sand.

Life style

Sports and recreation

Participate in outdoor activities such as hunting or walking the trail in your local park without having to change from your daily manual wheelchair.


Easy to get to the beach or backyard with friends and family.


Speed ​​and range

Average flight range over 5 miles per battery charge. Upgraded and additional batteries available.

New generation joystick control in the palm of your hand. State-of-the-art joystick that includes a penny.

Brand: Freedom Trax
Freedom Trax transforms a manual wheelchair into an all-terrain vehicle capable of tackling sand, snow, gravel and mud.The FT Pro can be installed and removed without assistance and comes with a 24V Li-ion battery, two 24V motors, hand joystick and charger. It can be adjusted for wheel widths from 1..
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