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Fastbrick Robotics

Fastbrick Robotics
Country: Australia

Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) designs, develops, builds and operates dynamically stabilized robots to meet global needs. These robots are designed for outdoor use using core technology from Dynamic Stabilization Technology (DST ™). FBR commercializes products for the construction sector along with DST ™ -based solutions for other industries.

Fastbrick Robotics history

100 prototypes. 150 engineers. Millions of dollars. Countless iterations to bring one revolutionary idea to life.

Bricklaying robot Hadrian X Bricklaying robot Hadrian X
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Bricklaying robot Hadrian X Precision Construction Robot The Hadrian X® is the world's first mobile robotic machine and block stacker that can safely and quickly and accurately work outdoors in uncontrolled conditions. Hadrian X® builds block structures from a 3D CAD model, generating much less w..
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