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Farming Revolution

Farming Revolution
Country: Germany

The founding group and technology have their roots in the forward-looking developments of Bosch and its start-up Deepfield Robotics. In 2019 Farming Revolution GmbH Management buys out the core working group of Bosch Deepfield Robotics.

Deepfield Robotics is a young startup Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH. It arose out of the research activities of Bosch Corporate Research, which began in 2008 as part of the government-funded BoniRob project. Their inspired team of engineers, software developers, robotics specialists and agricultural engineers are developing innovative solutions for the future of agriculture - together with their partners and in close contact with their customers.

The Farm Revolution Mechanical Shredder is a tool that precisely removes weeds without chemicals, kills nearby weeds within 1 cm of crops and has an active function in killing every affected weed. This machine does not require the use of any chemicals to effectively remove large and small weeds.

Deep Learning clearly distinguishes crops from weeds, for which Farm Revolution uses large plant databases. With 99% accuracy per pixel, 12M + annotations and 65+ views, 50 fields, 5 years of data, and day or night growth stages including mud / dew coverage and plant overlays.

Farm Revolution's new autonomous robot is designed to safely navigate crop rows. It has accurate row-following capability, easy portability, 26 hours of battery life with an adaptable design, making it easy to service should any problem arise.

To ensure that robotic weeding can be easily and clearly identified without disturbing farmers with the complexities that could hinder adaptation, Farm Revolution offers robotic weeding as a weeding service.

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