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Country: Norway

Evoy's vision is to eliminate emissions from boats, which is a strong benchmark and gives us the direction and ambition to take boating to a whole new level. Just imagine boating without noise, smoke or breakdowns - it gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your journey as it should be - in complete harmony with the surrounding nature and wildlife, feeling free and at ease with your loved ones. This is what we call the Evoy Experience.

Evoy was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Florø, Norway, and one office in Paris, France since 2021. Evoy designs, develops and manufactures 100% powerful electric motors for commercial and pleasure craft. Typically, these are fast boats ranging from 20 to 50 feet, bringing electric travel excellence to new markets thanks to groundbreaking Evoy technology. Powerful inline and turnkey suspension systems can be installed in any boat, whether it is the boat you've dreamed of today or the new boat you've always dreamed of.

Evoy wants to improve the boating experience by offering eco-friendly solutions for the explorers of tomorrow.


Evoy's vision is to deliver an unrivaled boating experience by developing environmentally friendly electric motor systems to accelerate the transition to electric boats. Evoy is a technology leader offering increased horsepower, horsepower, durable and sustainable engine systems that help reduce carbon and CO2 emissions at sea.

Evoy, with its Norwegian roots, is a technology pioneer offering powerful, fast and original electric boat solutions.


Evoy takes a journey into uncharted waters, discovering and exploring, carefully avoiding obstacles to discover new routes for an irresistible boating thrill. Being a trailblazer is challenging, but it is very rewarding for those involved and for those who are on their heels.


We believe we can make a real impact by ditching fossil fuels at sea. To make real change, we also need to be sincere - honest, factual and transparent.


We intend to change an entire industry. The boat market is changing rapidly and we need to react quickly to be successful and be prepared to change course frequently. Integration into general plans with the market.


To accelerate the green shift at sea, we need solutions that take a big step forward. We are driven by the will to do good, which lives in each of us. We come up with solutions that are effective enough to make the change happen - and we work at full capacity!


Born in Canada, but raised on the oceanfront on the fabulous island in Western Norway, Svanoi. From an early age, boats were the main interest, and when other children focused on football teams and music bands, Leif had scrapbooks and posters with drawings and pictures of boats. His passion led him to a maritime career, where he sailed the seven seas for many years and traveled the globe many times, visiting more than 40 countries and countless ports. Surviving collisions, hurricanes and fires, he was promoted to sea captain as soon as certification allowed him to operate an 89-meter tanker, which was only 32 years old.

When his first daughter was born in 2012, he decided to go ashore, where he made a lightning career from base manager to chief operating officer and then CEO of Norway's largest oil supply base, Saga Fjordbase. As CEO, he achieved the best results in customer satisfaction, financial performance and quality, health and safety in the midst of the oil crisis and significant staff layoffs. But most of all, he was proud to have launched the Green and Lean Base initiative, directly or indirectly reducing large quantities of greenhouse gases - a successful project that is still ongoing.

In the process, he complemented his competence with a Bachelor of Science degree. Naval Architect and Master of Business Administration. 2018 began a new era when Leif decided to combine all his passions, concern for global warming and experience with his father Gunnar to create Evoy. The idea was born in 2005 and matured for a long time.

In the summer of 2019, the demonstration boat Evoy1 was baptized by Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, and in the fall the boat set an unofficial world record at a speed of 55 knots. In 2020, the first customers will receive a turnkey powerful electric propulsion system on their chosen vessel. The journey has just begun, and Leif has a long journey ahead!

Evoy is truly a dream come true on many levels. Personally, I couldn't think of what I would rather do. Imagine I'm allowed to feed my hobbies while reducing significant CO2 emissions. And as if that weren't enough, I will be the captain of the fastest and most powerful electric boats on the planet, designed and delivered by a world-class dream team! Take my beer!!"

Leif A. Stavostrand

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