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Country: USA

For the past 25 years, we have been designing and building award-winning tiny homes. Our designs don't feel small, dark and cramped, but are based on light and a sense of openness and space. Since 2014, all of our devices have been handcrafted in our own RVIA-tested factory and are designed to operate in extreme climates, including heavy snowfall, severe cold and scorching heat. Common features of our apartments include panoramic windows, fully equipped kitchens, large bathrooms, large ground floor bedrooms, washer / dryer, plenty of storage space, full climate control, LED lighting and free-standing options. Click here for feedback. We deliver goods directly to customers across the country using our own trucks and factory representatives, and our on-site warranty is second to none.

Our base is an RVIA certified plant in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. You can see the units, if they do not leave, on weekdays from 10 to 2 o'clock by appointment. All tours must be confirmed by email.

There are now private subdivisions from Miami to Seattle, New England to San Diego, and most of the way points. Hawaii has subdivisions on several islands. We thank the hundreds of owners who have chosen ESCAPE, including those who rent premises or allow others to visit and explore.


ESCAPE has been used for many years in one of America's harshest climates, northwest Wisconsin. In summer the temperature reaches the 90s, and in winter it remains below zero for a long time. Throw in ice storms, snowstorms, heavy thunderstorms, hail and high winds and ESCAPE saw it all ... and performed well. ESCAPE withstands heavy snow loads and severe frost.

In terms of shipping, we deliver to almost anywhere in America with our own trucking company and factory representatives to make sure everything goes well. This is important because only our people touch the building, not an independent trucker. In addition, our buildings have their own leveling system, so for any relatively level area, ESCAPE is installed in a matter of minutes.

Finally, every buyer can rest assured that ESCAPE is built with a focus on sustainable building and energy efficiency, including sustainable timber, high R, Low-E insulation, thermoplastic windows, custom window coverings, stainless steel appliances and more. ... ESCAPE - make small spaces spacious and beautiful.


All great buildings, no matter their size, start with great design. Working with Kelly Davis, Director Emeritus of SALA Architects, we have developed over the decades a style that is distinctive, graceful and perfect for life. The result has been worldwide recognition for beauty and design. Our dream - to make beautiful architecture accessible to everyone - has come true. Were about a lovely, comfortable style.

And we do not stop there. Every day our design team is working to improve the ESCAPE. You may not notice the changes, but we did. Our designs feel great, thanks to the innovative layouts of our design team. Every inch of ESCAPE is carefully planned to ensure you have the most beautiful and efficient space possible. Keep checking our website for exciting new ideas and floor plans. As always, we welcome your comments on the perfect ESCAPE!


Great design is just the beginning. Craftsmanship is equally important. Each ESCAPE is built to the highest industry standards and comes through in detail and craftsmanship. We are building our own new climate controlled facility to ensure the highest quality and safety for our team.

A few ESCAPE highlights from our RVIA verified plant: Insulation is important and we use closed cell foam that provides an R value of 7.4 per inch plus seals and strengthens the building. ESCAPE materials are of the highest quality and unique design elements are everywhere. We provide customers with a variety of options, including appliances of various sizes. The windows are large and low-emission so you can go outside and not feel stuck in a tunnel or a rat in a maze. The lower part of the unit is sealed with steel and covered ... that's a lot more, and we invite you to visit our units all over the country and see for yourself.


We only use our own trucks and drivers and can deliver anywhere in the continental United States that is accessible by our trucks and units. A delivery specialist will assist you and answer your questions about ESCAPE. They are also known to make house calls!

Mini house Boho XL Wide TRAILER: Individual trailer, anti-rust coating, steel floor joists, insulation, rodent-resistant steel bottom, radial tires, weight. rated axles, safety device, 2 5/16 "ball, leveling jacks, DOT lighting, 2-20 gallon LP tanks with adjuster. MODEL: Here are the places wh..
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