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Electra Meccanica

Electra Meccanica
Country: Canada

Electra Meccanica

More than 83% of Canadian commuters drive alone in vehicles not ideally suited for this purpose. This results in roadway congestion, higher fuel costs, and increased air pollution. Electra Meccanica's SOLO is the ideal commuter car that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle being both good for you and the planet.

Designed by a world-class development team, it’s modern aesthetics are matched by spirited performance and ultimate practicality.

Electra Meccanica is a development-stage company, plans, develops, manufactures, and sells single person electric vehicles under the SOLO name. It specializes in clean energy, electric vehicles, electric cars, innovation, start-ups Canada, technology, and Environment. The company was founded in 2015 and headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.

We have taken the best principles of a classic sports car and combined them with modern powerful electric motors for the ultimate vintage driving experience.EROADSTER technical dataPower: 250 ft-lb engine torque / 644 ft-lb rear torque0-60 mph / 0-100 km / h in 6 secondsRange: 155 miles / 250 kmBATT..
Ex Tax:$126,000.00
Three-wheeled electric micro-car (tricycle) Solo from Electra MeccanicaMillions of residents drive their own cars every day, and most of them drive alone. A step into the future of driving. Reduce your gas bill to zero. Get rid of your environmental impact. Make commuting to work the highlight of th..
Ex Tax:$18,500.00
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