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Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES

Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES
Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES
Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES
Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES
Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES
Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES M0609

Payload 6 kg
Reach 900 mm
Repeatability ± 0.05 mm

Key Features:
Master + Security
The high-tech torque sensor is capable of detecting small force changes up to 0.2 N, providing the industry's best crash sensitivity for safety.

Master + Power Control
Six high-tech torque sensors capable of solving complex problems contribute to the highest level of force control and compliance.

Master + Job Management
With the Workcell Manager, which is included in the Teach Pendant, the operator can easily manage complex and difficult workspaces.

Wizard + Settings
Smart Setup provides quick setup and immediate operation as it automatically measures tilt angles, tool position and weight.

Main Applications
Traditional assembly tasks such as driving screws and assembling gears

Car care
Feeding CNC machine and loading / unloading an item onto a pallet

Welding parts like an experienced welder in different ways with a certain quality

Polishing and deburring
Deburring and polishing the surface after processing

Gluing and gluing
Spraying a constant amount of glue for gluing and gluing

Plastic support for injection
Removing the product from the mold of the injection molding machine and loading / unloading from the pallet

Press molding
Feeder panel for loading / unloading from a press machine

Performs predefined tasks safely and repeatedly according to the needs of users in service industries such as medicine and food and beverages.

Main components
The reliable control platform guarantees stable performance in any field based on real-time control and high-speed communication.

Teaching Pendant
An educational device offering ease of use similar to that of a tablet PC and with the inclusion of the DART platform, it is capable of simple programming as well as customization of various applications.

M-SERIES Options
Basic model. A simple, delicate color that suits any work environment.

A model with increased stain resistance for easy handling, even in dirty environments.

DC Controller
Control unit with compact design, allowing easy installation in various mobile robots such as AGV and AMR.

Controller (Steel) - Coming Soon
Robust IP54 rated control device that guarantees stable operation even in harsh industrial environments.

Direct Learning Button
Direct teaching button, allowing you to select different teaching modes as well as store coordinates with simple button operations.

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