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Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One

Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
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Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One
Alabama-based Curtiss Motorcycles Adds Another Stunning Bike To Its Electric Line - The One, slated to start production in summer 2021. Curtiss's two-wheeled creations are as much art as functionality, and The One is no exception. Using a unique radial battery compartment as a structural member of the chassis, The One uses CNC machined elements to create a rigid yet customizable frame that can be modified to suit any size or driver's preference. The electric powertrain puts out 217 horsepower and 272 lb-ft of torque in a package that weighs 425 lbs.

Curtiss's rider-centered design approach means the beauty of perfect proportions is created to fit each client, as if it were made from scratch for him or her. The level of adaptability and adjustability inherent in the design means that the One can be tailored to any client, for any purpose and according to any desire.

"New Golden Age"

The dream of a future in which motorcycle dimensions, structural strength, power, durability and lightness of the body become ideal begins with the density of the power train. This patented, uncompromising One feature ensures the perfect proportion of a Golden Age - the foundation of timeless, beautiful international design.

Airplane-inspired monocoque TLP is the ultimate uncompromising motorcycle chassis architecture; there is no better way.

Digital milled solid bulkheads, framing and fuselage skins create a geometrically perfect result for every example, unlike traditional architectural methods. The result is stunning - it does not flex, is free from fatigue and creates the lightest and thinnest motorcycle chassis ever.

Acts as a radiator for the entire machine, keeping the radial elements completely submerged in non-conductive coolant to maintain safe operating temperatures for the battery pack and other components that make up One's unique power train. In addition, the Power Pak serves as the backbone of the Triple Load Path monocoque, adding strength to the structure.

Our patented power train - perfect balance, amazing power and minimal parts.

The motor is centered along the horizontal and vertical axis of the chassis, with a massive hardened steel drive shaft attached to the center of our axial magnetic flux motor, forming the perfect pivot solution with swing arm for perfect final drive geometry and no shunts applied to force.

No transmission or gearbox - power is transmitted directly from the engine to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free toothed belt. No gear shifting, no clutch, just a direct link between your wrist and the light torque available at all revs from the world's most powerful engine.

The result is rider-centered handling, precision and cleanliness like nothing else.

Proportions and scale
Reduction of girth by 30 +% provides motorcycle ground clearance for off-road with a decrease in the center of gravity by 20% and width by 45%, which ensures maximum ergonomic integration of man and machine; easy to install, low, convenient and tucked.

Ground clearance 1-3 inches more than others

Seat height 2-4 inches lower than others, giving you more comfort and confidence.

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