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Curtiss Motorcycle Company

Curtiss Motorcycle Company
Country: USA

Curtiss Motorcycles, formerly Confederate Motors, is an American exotic street bike manufacturer based in Birmingham, Alabama. It was founded in 1991 by attorney H. Matthew Chambers as an initiative to seek "enlightened design through true American inspiration." In 2017, the company announced plans to rename itself Curtiss Motorcycles and move to all electric motorcycles in partnership with Zero Motorcycles.

Curtiss is a technology and lifestyle startup set up to become the global leader in electric motorcycles. Sustainable development is the cornerstone of our foundation. Curtiss promises to create the best and best electric motorcycles.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Curtiss Motorcycle Company (OTC: CMOT) is committed to spearheading a whole new golden age of sustainable motorcycles by designing and building the world's finest electric motorcycles.

Electric Motorcycle Curtiss The One Alabama-based Curtiss Motorcycles Adds Another Stunning Bike To Its Electric Line - The One, slated to start production in summer 2021. Curtiss's two-wheeled creations are as much art as functionality, and The One is no exception. Using a unique radial battery co..
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