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Chausson Camper

Chausson Camper
Country: France

Chausson is a trademark of Trigano VDL, a renowned recreational vehicle company based in Ardèche, France.

You will inevitably come across a Chausson in one of the 15 European countries in which our distributor network operates.

RV Chausson, creator and manufacturer of RVs for 40 years.

Chausson Camper offers an affordable, reliable, complete and rich range of useful technologies.

Motorhome Chausson Camper X550 AT THE CROSSROADS OF VAN AND CAMPING CAR THE BEST COMBINED VAN AND THE BEST AUTOMOTIVE! The X550 is neither a van nor a motorhome ... Chausson invents a new generation of vehicles that combines the agility of a van with the comfort of a low profile. Compact outsi..
Ex Tax:$82,000.00
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