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Country: France

Agricultural machinery manufacturer specialized in tillage implements.

Agricultural machinery manufacturer, tillage specialist.

CARRE SAS develops and manufactures agricultural equipment for tillage, divided into 5 families:

Deep soil preparation: loosening, stubble cultivation

Soil surface preparation: Seedbed preparation

Seeding - Fertilizing: Simplified seeding, spreading and locating fertilizer

Front press rollers: tire roller, disc roller and reel roller

Crops and meadows care: loosening, weeding, renewal of meadows.

CARRE SAS is expanding its know-how by developing subcontracting activities in the field of mechanical welding.

"Absolutely strong" sides:


The hitch pins, main adjusting pins, and the pins are attached to the machine by a chain. There is no risk of loss.

The folding cylinders are equipped with a fall prevention valve.


The structure of our materials must be durable and have a pleasant shape. More and more parts are being produced using modern flame cutting and laser cutting technologies in order to obtain shapes that are perfectly tailored to the needs.

Our means of production, spreading, bending, forming, stamping, welding, as well as polyurethane varnish after degreasing, phosphating and priming are always focused on creating harder and more aesthetic materials.


The design, in relation to our "pilot clients", is focused on always being more efficient by optimizing the quality of work, productivity and costs.


The race for comfort is also relevant in agriculture. We are constantly looking for ease of use of our machines: adjustments, locks, folding. The need for maintenance is always kept to a minimum. Use of self-lubricating polyamide rings, life-long lubricated bearings, etc. simplifies maintenance.

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