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Country: Sweden

CAKE develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorbikes.

CAKE’s mission is to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun.

Moving away from fossil energy to start using cleaner technologies, the transition to a zero emission society is necessary.

The global motorcycle industry produces a rough 135 million vehicles every year. Most of these run on combustion engines, leaving an ugly carbon footprint every time they are in use. This is the primary reason behind Cake – a technology company that develops high performance off-road motorcycles that run on electricity.

Brand: CAKE
Electric motorcycle CAKE Ösa Lite - High performance electric utility vehicle The Ösa Lite, the moped version, is an electric high performance versatile machine, also known as the Swiss Army Knife on Wheels. The Ösa design features a large gray stripe under the seat. Unibar together with the faste..
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