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BPG Werks

BPG Werks
Country: Canada

BPG-Werks is a company focused on taking extreme sports, particularly motorcross, to the next level. The flagship product is the DTV shredder, which is an all-terrain, dual-track vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 30 mph and traversing almost any landscape. The vehicle has consumer, commercial, and military applications.

Brand: BPG Werks
Crawler scooter DTV ShredderEngine: 196cc, 14 horsepower, 6000 rpm, four-stroke gasoline engine, Brand Lifan.Device size: 109 x 66 x 58.5 cmHeight with steering rack up: 127 cmWheelbase: Roll-frame structure, 6-point independent suspension, Dual track tracksWeight: 38-57 kg (depending on equipment)T..
Ex Tax:$5,500.00
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