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Autarq GmbH

Autarq GmbH
Country: Germany

Autarq GmbH is a subsidiary of the econnext group. The German-Dutch management company considers itself to be the founder, initiator and pioneer of sustainable and efficient companies that develop and provide solutions to current social and environmental problems. In this context, econnext GmbH & Co.KgaA acts as a startup initiator, advisor and provider of ideas, and works in partnership with start-up companies operating in these areas, especially as a major shareholder.

Econnext is also the parent company of ESG Screen17 GmbH in Frankfurt (sustainability test), GRIPS Energy GmbH in Berlin (renewable energies), LUMENION GmbH in Berlin (high temperature steel storage) and Circular Carbon GmbH in Würzburg (soil improvement with biochar as a CO2 sink ). In addition, econnext holds a qualified minority stake in FLAXTEC GmbH in Dresden, which is the sole shareholder of FLAXRES GmbH (recycle solar modules).

History of Autarq GmbH

Renewables are gaining traction because they protect our climate. Solar energy, in particular, is becoming more and more popular as an energy source for consumer-oriented homes, keeping up with the times. New technical solutions, years of development and consistent field research have led to the founding of autarq GmbH in 2012 and the subsequent launch of autarq solar roof tiles on the market.

An important impetus has been gained from the improved energy efficiency achieved during this time and better prices for solar cells in the global market. Connectivity technologies, system components and peripherals have been continuously improved, and production processes have been developed and optimized. The first roofs were installed by autarq GmbH itself so that this valuable experience can be used directly for further product development. In 2017 and 2018 autarq increased sales, successfully tested products and customer requirements in the market, and entered into strategic partnerships with tile manufacturers in Europe.

Autarq GmbH is headquartered in Prenzlau in Brandenburg and has been part of the econnext group since the end of 2017. The management holding company specializes in investing in sustainable companies that have a positive impact on land resources, climate and society.

Brand: Autarq
German manufacturer Autarq offers solar roof tiles as an alternative. The autarq solar tiles are a choice when good taste is also on the wish list in addition to generating your own electricity. This is due to the fact that this small-sized solar tile can be harmoniously fit into the general appeara..
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