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Ascendance Flight Technologies

Ascendance Flight Technologies
Country: France

Ascendance Flight Technologies SAS - Ascendance is co-founded by four former Airbus E-FAN team members.

E-FAN was one of the world's first electric aircraft programs to cross the English Channel in an electric plane for the first time in history in July 2015.

Ascendance is currently working to open up the sky for air mobility. The four Ascendance co-founders below have surrounded themselves with an international, diverse, dynamic and talented 10-member team that continues to grow to meet this challenge.

Ascendance is building the future of air mobility: the Atea, a unique vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft with a hybrid propulsion system. We believe that the future of mobility will be in the sky and that availability will be key to supporting the emergence of this market. Therefore, we have focused our efforts on developing an innovative, safe, quiet, clean and affordable aircraft that can fit into existing infrastructure and regulations to simplify deployment and maximize public acceptance.

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