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Country: Netherlands

Altrex - Safety at all levels

You care about safety. This is why you choose strong and solid. Altrex climbing solutions will give you a sense of security. They are made for you and your job. Scaffolding, ladders and ladders that feel like solid ground at any height. The Altrex range is suitable for every question and every job - from extremely stringent standards to innovative solutions.

Quality at the highest level. Safety to the top step. You'll find it at Altrex. We have been at the forefront of climbing solutions for over 70 years. Always looking for innovation. For us, it is not about innovating, but about making your work easier and safer through innovation. After all, that's what it's all about. The certainty that you are working with the best. Today and tomorrow.

Shuttle modular lifting system Shuttle modular lifting system
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Brand: Altrex
Shuttle modular lifting system - Shuttle lift system Shuttle is a modular lifting system that lifts loads up to 30 kg using a winch. Shuttle can be used on mobile scaffolding RS TOWER 52 and consists of guide rails, winch and various consoles. The guide rails are easily attached to the rungs and the..
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