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Country: USA

Altwork is an office furniture manufacturer that offers tools for heavy computer users. Its furniture allows users to sit, stand, collaborate and use patented technology to transform their workstation into a sitting, reclining and standing desk position for heavy computer users, allowing users to become more productive, comfortable and healthy.

Altwork, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, designs and manufactures office furniture for contemporary innovators and creators. Our first product, the Altwork Station, is a versatile workstation that allows users to sit, stand, collaborate, and use patented technology to transform their workstation into a seating, reclining and standing desk focusing spot for high-intensity computer users.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and investors John Spiecher and Che Voigt, Altwork's mission is to create furniture that makes the body comfortable and the mind free.

Brand: Altwork
WHAT DOES Altwork Station DO? The alternative workstation changes the definition of how people interact with their computers, allowing the computer's screen and keyboard to physically adapt to support the user's body during long hours of computer use. Unlike standard desk and chair workstations, h..
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