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Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation
Country: USA

Alpha Motor Corporation is an American electric vehicle company based in Irvine, California, a central hub for leading industrial innovations in design, information technology and mobility. The company creates renewable electric vehicles designed and engineered with patented modular technology.

Alpha's name reflects the company's vision to lead new beginnings to a better future through innovation. The technical definition of Alpha refers to angular acceleration in physics, while the company's goal to improve humanity serves as an approach to accelerating innovation.


Drive humanity with pure electric vehicle innovation.


The automotive landscape will face major disruption over the next decade to achieve carbon neutrality. Alpha addresses this paradigm shift problem with mobile technologies that support resilience and transform the user experience.


The automotive landscape will face major disruptions over the next 5-7 years as world governments set rules to achieve carbon neutrality. Electrification is simply the beginning of a new automotive landscape. To successfully deal with this inevitable paradigm shift, Alpha is transforming the user experience by developing software and hardware that supports a sustainable mobility platform.

This is why Alpha focuses on the interests of individuals and businesses. These observations shape the company's business strategy in three areas:

First, a targeted trail. Alpha vehicles are perfectly sized to fit their intended purpose. Consumers can choose modular dynamics that uniquely suits their life needs and requirements.

Secondly, availability. Alpha's mission is to create affordable, high-quality vehicles through a streamlined process to customize prices. Consumers can choose the price they want.

Third, compatibility. Alpha vehicles are designed and engineered with the latest technology. The result is an exceptional mobile experience that redefines traditional thinking and makes our vehicles user-friendly.

Alpha is committed to producing zero emission vehicles with a compelling sustainability solution. Alpha electric vehicles are uniquely designed to be easily retrofitted or repurposed to minimize the car's carbon footprint.


Alpha are dedicated electric vehicles for individuals, businesses and government agencies that meet a variety of mobility needs, including:

Personal - Driving for daily needs.

Business - Driving for business.

Relaxation - Driving is a pleasure.


North American personal, commercial and automotive industries

B2B and B2C sales

Flexible ownership programs

Digital Sales Platform


Alpha aims to provide consumers with a completely new EV experience as early as 2023. The company plans to present a series of significant product launches in early 2021.

Electric car Alpha ACE ™ is the perfect size personal car with a fiery soul. Electric Alpha ACE Coupe with improved performance, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds The standard coupe itself comes with some pretty nifty technical details, including a 250-mile (402 km) range, single-engin..
Ex Tax:$39,000.00
Electric car Alpha ICON ™ is the first electric vehicle of its kind with unparalleled versatility. Simple in design and functional, it is the EUV ™ (Electric Vehicle) with versatile payload capacity. ICON ™ can be converted into an SUV, van or truck for personal and commercial use. ICON's time to ..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Electric car Alpha Jax Cuv is a retro-styled electric crossover from California-based Alpha Motor Corporation. Jax is conceived as an all-electric car, capable of accelerating to sixty miles in about 6.5 seconds (for the more powerful 4WD version) with a maximum range of about 250 miles (400 km) on..
Ex Tax:$48,000.00
Electric pickup truck Alpha Wolf - electric truck isn't daddy's Canoo or Cybertruck. Wolf's vintage design is reminiscent of classic compact pickups such as the Toyota Hilux, Datsun Truck and even the Ford Courier. But the similarity is superficial. Wolf is built on the Alpha modular electric vehicl..
Ex Tax:$37.00
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