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Alakai Technologies

Alakai Technologies
Country: USA

Alakai Technologies Corporation - Air mobility solutions based on hydrogen fuel cell technology to transform transportation for the good.

Alaka'i Technologies is a growing aircraft design and manufacturing company headquartered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Founded by Brian Morrison in 2015, Alaka'i Technologies has assembled an outstanding management team with decades of aerospace engineering, manufacturing, executive leadership and airspace integration experience (NASA, Raytheon, Beech Aircraft, McDonnell Douglas, Hughes, DayJet, SATSAir, Cirrus, Metro Aviation, Delta Airlines) and FAA certification experience including Cessna, Beechjet, JPATS Trainers, MD500, AH-64, Cirrus, Boeing K767, Airbus A380, Eurocopter AS-350 and Bell 212, as well as special aircraft. Working together since the 1990s on industry-defining projects such as NASA's AGATE and SATS programs, they also built and launched the world's first Fly-By-Light aircraft. All in all, he was instrumental in revolutionizing the aviation industry and in its ability to deploy advanced technologies that affect many aspects of modern aviation and avionics.

Today, the Alaka'i team develops patented, progressive air mobility solutions, offering safe, simple, zero emissions, affordable and convenient transportation from point to point. Ultimately, the transformation of transport through mobility on hydrogen.

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